Friday, December 6, 2019

Cat's in the Cradle

That Francis Spatue
I grew up hearing this song from Harry Chapin. The lyrics are easy to understand. The songs begins with the birth of the musician's son. As the song progresses, the son grows up wanting to be like his dad, but his dad never has enough time to spend with his son, until eventually the son also grows up and doesn't have enough time to be with his father. (Isn't it ironic?)

That's sort of the idea behind this Blog. Blogs are already as ill-worn as this scratchy sounding song that I probably heard on a record player or possibly the radio. There was no YouTube back then and I never saw Harry Chapin in concert, but many from my generation (and their parents) did and would remember this song.

In simple terms, this blog is an extended version of this idea. It's an opportunity to capture the conversations we didn't have, or didn't have enough time to finish, or didn't have in as ideal way. Time is always rushing by. Plus, as time passes, one thinks about those conversations and probably wishes more or less was said. Or maybe we just try to remember what those times were. Blogs are good for that in a way that our everyday memory may not be.

A lot of folks my age (and their parents) are thinking about their memories and writing their memoirs. So this may be a place where some of those people also pass through. They might add their thoughts and memories in the comments and we'll keep this conversation going.

I hope this website ends up being a place that you can go to for many years to come. A place where perhaps you and your relatives and friends can also share your comments and experiences. So we can have the kind of conversations and lasting memories that seem to slip by in the day to day when one goes off to work, or school, or whatever.

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